Inge David

Dearest Friend Marina,

First I met Stephen and James at a Nuernberg/Fuerth reunion in the Catskill Mountains of New York; I was so impressed with what they had to say that I just had to meet this very special lady, Marina. When my friend Henry and I came to England to visit family, we made sure to include the very special Holocaust Centre in our plans. Our visit with you was a particular highlight of our visit. We loved our visit with you and I dedicated a rose in memory of a beloved aunt and uncle who were murdered in Auschwitz. To remind me of our most memorable visit to you I brought home a copy of “Behind the Rose” which includes an article and pictures of my family.

Dearest Marina, you made us feel so very welcome and our time spent at the Holocaust Centre will never be forgotten. Our love for one another was immediate. May you rest in everlasting peace.

Much love,