Shamea Lee

Over a long period of time, especially in her ‘retirement’ years and right up to the Covid19 lockdown, to raise funds in support of the genocide prevention and humanitarian work of Aegis Trust, Mrs Marina Smith always held wonderful garden tea parties in the Spring and summer and various special events in her cosy home, Bethany during the colder months. These was despite a incredibly busy schedule of hosting visitors, churning a mountain load of correspondences, fielding numerous phone calls day and night and still finding time to record volumes of memoirs for posterity ( she is the one who knew the whole story from beginning to end and inside out too). Despite that, ,she would always make time to attend to any individuals’s crisis which would inadvertently crop up every now and then, more often than not. In this section is a compilation of the messages of condolences sent in by some of the visitors (who attended these events or who visited the Holocaust Centre) upon hearing news of Mrs Marina Smith passing away. Some have only met her the once but she always left an incredible impression on them….more importantly she was able to engage people towards some understanding of the plight of people suffering oppression and injustice, especially in less peaceful lands where violence rules.
“Such sad news. She was an inspiration to me and many others”.
Stella Barczak
“So sorry…..I know how much this wonderful, inspirational lady meant to you and many others. Her legacy indeed lives on. May she Rest In Peace”.
Irene Astbury
“So sorry to hear about Mrs Smith. I met her once when I went to a garden party with you. She meant such a lot to you….” Sue Middleton
“Mum and I are so sorry to hear this news, we know she meant so much to you and many others. Our heartfelt sympathy is sent to you and the Smith family”.  Karen Needham
“Just seen your message……I am so sorry to hear about your sad news. Totally understand you needing peace today to reflect on the very special lady and pass on our condolences to the family and of course yourself too. Take care. love and hugs”.         Anne Clark
“So very sad to hear of the passing of Mrs Smith. Yes, I remember meeting her and her husband who warmly welcomed me into their home. I know she was always such a big influence to you and Chooy’s (life)”.  Ros Yuen
“I ‘m sorry to hear this sad news. I know how much she meant to you. My first thought was to ring but I realise it’s difficult for you to talk at the moment. Just be assured I am here for you when needed. My thoughts are also with her family. What an amazing woman she was. Thank goodness we have such strong principled people in the world who work so tirelessly to make so many lives better. Such a lovely inspirational woman, will be sadly missed by so many xxx”.           Maureen Proctor
“My heart goes out to you at this sad time. A woman of faith and honour never leave this world as her legacy and memory lives on in those who she has influenced and cared for during her earthly life. Her principles and Christlike quality lives on eternally as they come from Christ himself. The baton is passed on to those who have been touched by her. I know you will be heart broken as you loved her. So very much….”
(This next bit added on after reading the Memorial page)
“I have looked at the wonderful photos . What a marvellous well lived life….such a legacy.”
“I’ve been looking at the photos and the wonderful tributes……a life well lived”.          Darren Clawson
“I am very sad to hear the sad news, please accept my condolences. I am so sorry, she was an amazing woman and her life was very influential for many people”.        Svetlana Gibson
“So sorry…….she was a wonderful lady”.     Christine Wright
“Oh no, we are sorry to hear that, a wonderful lady who welcomed everyone into her home. She will be greatly missed. Condolences to everyone”.
Ann Halse
“Very sad to hear, May her light shine on”.  Michael Hall
“I am very sorry to hear the sad news about your dear, dear friend, mentor, ‘mother’ and wise counsel. I know how dear she was to you because of the way your face lit up whenever you spoke of her. You have been truly blessed to have known such a grand selfless lady. Take solace in knowing Mrs Smith is in a good place now. Try not to be too sad as you well know that Mrs Smith had a very fulfilled, happy life surrounded by wonderful people like yourself and her two amazing sons. Take care my friend “.
Shamala Murigiah
“I’m sorry to hear the sad news of Mrs Marina Smith, she was such a lovely lady and always made everyone welcomed when we went to her house. Thank you for letting me know”.   Lynn Sawyer