James Smith

I miss my mother deeply but remember every day she was driven by her Christian principles, embraced the concept in Judaism of Tikkun Olam (repairing a broken world) and embodied the Rwandan values of Ubumuntu: Humanity and Greatness of Heart. Her belief shone in her life and acts.

For the:

stranger, you shared your home
lonely you shared your heart
vulnerable you opened your wings
downtrodden you sought justice

You can’t choose your parents, but I’d always have chosen you. We only say farewell dearest Mother, for your values and legacy, live on.… Read the rest

Stephen D. Smith

We are not very good at dying, and yet, it is the one thing in our lives that we are all certain to do sometime. It is one of the great acts of living – some die in valor, some in pain, some young, others old – and my mother has been preparing for it every day of her life.

As I write this I am sitting at my mother’s bedside listening to her breathe. It’s just the two of us and the night. There are wires and machines hooked up to her. On occasion, nurses barge in a flurry of light and needles.… Read the rest

Edward Smith

Edward Smith Tribute to Marina Smith
Sunday 26th June 2022

It was June 1961. I was sitting in the Methodist Minister’s office after Sunday service. There was a little knock at the door – and there in the doorway was a gorgeous girl.

‘My car won’t start. Can I use your phone?’

Bless that broken-down car! We had a cup of tea together, and I learned that she was starting work next term at a local grammar school as head of Religious Education. She ransacked my library. It took two of us to carry the books into the car.… Read the rest