Tara Shaw

Sometimes in life you only need to meet someone once for them to touch your heart and make a deep impression. Marina certainly did that. I was fortunate enough to meet Marina several years ago when our son visited Beth Shalom as part of his pre-Barmitzvah preparations with Bushey Synagogue.
I had heard many stories about Marina and the incredible Smith family from my husband who had been involved with the foundation.
So meeting her first hand was really a great privilege. Our encounter was everything I could have imagined and more. This wonderful, enigmatic, softly spoken woman connected with the children and accompanying parents instantly. She drew us in with her kindness and passion for humanity. We had just had the honour of hearing a survivor speak.  “Keep telling everyone “ she told us, “ it’s so important as the next generation don’t let anyone forget” .

We will endeavour to carry on her message but also we shall not forget her or the wonderful work she has done.

May she rest in peace, and her memory be a blessing.
Wishing Eddie, Stephen & James a long life.
Tara, Ian & Joseph Shaw