Steven Frank

When I was a happy little six year old in pre-war Holland, a visit to my lovely granny was a highlight. She lived by the seaside in Scheveningen. Whilst playing with my bucket and spade , I asked granny who was sitting in one of those wicker chairs, knitting in Dutch “What’s on the otherside of the sea? Engeland” she said. Litterally translated is Angel land. I imagined a country full of angels. Many years later whilst living there, I met one. An angel called Marina Smith. And my whole life changed. I have known her and worked with her for not far off 25 years and that has been a huge honour for me. And now you have gone to your maker, who welcomed you with open arms like you did on earth for so many many years to so many many people of all kinds. You were a wonderful example of sheer goodness and a very special place in my heart.