Susanna Russell

Dearest Mother

Along with countless others, I have known and received your care and love my whole life- nearly 40 years! I consider it the most immense privilege to have known and received your wisdom, guidance and encouragement throughout my life in so many ways and I wouldn’t be the person I am today without you.

Your impact and influence, upon my life and upon hundreds and thousands of others is immeasurable. Your light glowed bright, long and far.

You had the ability to understand and love people like no other. You had high standards and expectations in everything. You made the most of every minute and made it count. Every second you lived was meaningful and purposeful.
You taught me that in the preparation, the details, the thoughtfulness, the taking care, sometimes putting yourself out to do, lay the basis of serving others and in doing so allowed love to flow and be felt by all involved.

You filled every corner of my life and I’m not sure how I will continue with you. School, gap year at The Holocaust Centre, professional life, colleague issues, life decisions, marriage, becoming a mum, being a mum… you’ve been there at every turn to guide, counsel, encourage and remind me to keep God central in my life.

You recently gave our eldest Mary Jones and her Bible for her 6th birthday. You gave me the same book when I was about her age and I have never forgotten it, I remember being touched by her story of determination to read the Word of God. We’ve been reading it together at bedtime. Just one of the myriad of your thoughtful, meaningful touches that keeps the values you taught flowing in our home, onto the next generation and that made every one of us feel loved and part of your family.

Your selfless dedication and commitment to your life’s work is your legacy that will live on for years to come.

Thank you for all you are and for your incredible, extraordinary, inspirational life.

My thoughts are with your extraordinary family at this time.