Helen Barker

Dearest Smith Family,

Sending you my love as you go through this time of grief.

As I write this I’m finding it hard to take in and digest that Mrs Smith has passed away. She has been a constant throughout my life and although not possible it somehow felt that she would be here forever.

What a blessing she has given me personally. How humbling that she loved me. She has left me with so
many treasured memories, words, letters, writings and books to guide me. I have been so privileged!

I look back to how Mrs Smith helped mum through her illness and held her hand along that journey right to the end. What a tremendous blessing. It brought such comfort to us as a family and myself personally.

I’m so pleased my children knew her too and had their own personal relationship with her. Sam’s words when I rang him – ‘Mrs Smith lived an incredible life and brought up two sons that are doing good in the world. She affected so many lives in so many ways. She will have been happy with her life.’

Thank you Stephen and James for sharing your Mother with us.

Helen xxx