Stuart Bower

Dearest Mother

It hasn’t yet sunk in that you will no longer be at Bethany. You leave an aching void , but we also know you have run the race with boldness, focus and determination and received your eternal reward in the Heavenlies. We love you so much.

It is the most amazing privilege to have received your love and encouragement throughout my life. You laid down your life for me and my family again and again. Gave me self respect , loved me and forgave me when I didn’t deserve it. Helped me fight my own shortcomings.
Thank you doesn’t even express a fraction , dear Mother.

I remember you coming to Ollerton in 1972 and I would baby sit for Stephen and James . You went on to be the guiding light to four generations of our family, beginning with my mother who used to pray together with Grandma Fleming all those years ago right up to grandchildren Isabella and Evie who sent you a get well card recently – a whale with chicken pox which made you chuckle as I remember!

You sent birthday letters faithfully every year, each of them personal and apt – all expressing gratitude for support over the previous year – I have kept all of them in a box. But dear Mother it is you who supported us, not the other way round.

But not just for my family but for countless other families and individuals across the globe.
Every day you cared for the needy and downtrodden, fought injustice, showed compassion.

You possessed a vibrant faith, and had the capacity to love thousands. Your eye for and attention to detail was impeccable right up to the last moment. Rivers of life flowed from you. We will miss you sorely, your vitality, faith, humour and perspective.

I love you
Goodbye for now