Nicholas Aru Maan

I met Mrs. Marina Smith at her house in 2016. I was invited by the Chatham House in London to go and give presentation on the future of youth in the horn of Africa.

Before I could leave South Sudan for London, I informed Glen whom I met in Kigali Genocide Memorial centre in the previous years working for the Aegis trust. I also met her son James Smith, a leader with a heart for humanity.

After my presentation at the Chatham house, Glen asked me to go and visit James’ mother and the National Holocaust center. It was exciting news that I could not turn down.

I took the train, James Brown who also works for the Aegis trust was waiting for me at the railway station in Nottingham shire.

When I arrived at Mrs. Smith house, she came out with a broad smile and welcome me with a hug, her husband Mr. Smith possesses the same humour. From there I came to understand where that heart of humanity I saw from James Smith came from.

After listening to her words, I broke down to tears. Glen, David and Mr. Smith were present. She asked kindly why I was emotional and I told her that your words remind me of my mother whom I lost at the age of 11 and also how such words could be heard by many so that their lives could have hope.

I left her house feeling healed and happy. my tears came out with all the horrors of African wars.

David Brown was my tour guide at the Holocaust centre. I listened and watched documentarie related to the Holocaust, how it was planned, executed and how the UK Government transported some children to the UK.

The stories of the Holocaust and the idea of putting up the centre including the cost plus the number of visitors who came that day made me know that God can really bless some people.

I Met bernard who was a holocaust survor. He told me the time of blood suckers around the World is almost coming to an end. I started imagining with that can happen in my country.

To make a long story short, Mrs. Marina Smith is a mother of humanity according to my own understanding because what I saw from her actons and achievements speak louder than words.

Mrs. Marina has congered my heart to an extend in which I send her a message everytime am weak here in South Sudan and she prays for me. She has strong prayers that humbles my soul. She can heal a distresed person.

To Mr. Smith, James and Stephen, I would like you to keep up the burning candle of global hope for humanity. South Sudan needs your presence.

May her beautiful soul rest in eternal glory.