Helen Drummond

Dearest Mrs Smith

I can’t quite believe we will never see you again on this earth. But what an amazing legacy. The amount of lives all over the world you have touched over all of these year. The heartbreak you have helped heal and mend with your love, compassion reaching out with Grace.

Thank you for all you have done for the World, for me and my family. I am so blessed and grateful for all of the love and patience over the years and the privilege of learning and being taught by you over the many years, especially during the time I was privileged to work with you and your amazing family all those years ago.

All you have taught me goes along way towards my work with the Salvation Army now Thank you Thank you.

Thank you Br Eddie, Stephen and James for sharing Mr Smith over all these years and for the amazing work you continue to do.

Well done thy good and faithful servant. Promoted to Glory.
There must be so many up in the Heavens celebrating with you right now.

Sending all my love, thoughts and prayers
Helen xxxx❤️❤️