Maggie Walker

The most extraordinary, wondrous, loving Mother figure who has ever been.  This says it all, but to relate it to myself personally, as many can, I have experienced these facets over and over again for nearly 42 years.  Whatever was good, right, generous and wise, was shown and imparted to me and my family on a personal level in more varied ways than can be counted.  Why?  G-d knows.

I was a troubled and very troublesome girl just turned 20 when our paths crossed.  Mrs Smith in sincerity reached out to me because she wanted to save me from myself and ruining those around me.  Mrs Smith enabled me to have life, peace and purpose I had never ever known before.  I was able to be a wife and mother to 2 children.

My troublesomeness did not disappear overnight very sadly.  I was a hard nut to crack.  Mrs Smith, in her mother’s way, reached out to me extensively, very graciously until I grasped how wrong I was.  She taught me how to live.  She shared with us the plight of those who really had suffered at the hands of others.  She shared her faith with us and my greatest joy is that Her G-d is my G-d too.

Mrs Smith has 2 sons, Stephen and James who are too, extraordinary as you can imagine, having hearts that reach out to a broken world and are doing something about it using the seeds sown by their Mother.  I dedicate my life to supporting them in every way I can, for the rest of my days.

Thank you for loving me very very much,