Jane Walker

Dearest Smith Family

My heart is truly saddened to be writing this to you, here is my tribute to our dearly loved Mrs Smith:

My sister and I lost our father at a very young age and so life began with a feeling of something missing. Soon afterwards the Smith family came into our lives as they moved to the area in which we lived. I’m sure my mother would not mind me saying that Mrs Smith became a very great friend to her in her time of need. We enjoyed great fun and family times visiting the Manse in Ollerton and then later visiting the Smith family in their home at Beth Shalom. The warmth, love and inclusion we felt in their company is a feeling I have never forgotten and continue to feel.
Mrs Smith was like my second parent and contributed greatly to my upbringing, education, teenage years and early adulthood with her guidance, love, protection and care of our family of three. I can never thank her enough for all of this (and her care for me to this present day) because I know it made me into the person I am today and without it life would have followed a very different route, I would have been lost.

I know this attention and care of every detail that she gave to me, she also gave to every single person that came into her life- how vast was the love in her heart!

She leaves behind a huge legacy and an enormous hole that no one else can fill. How can I repay her for all she did for me? I cannot but I can do one thing , I can live in the way she has taught me, with the tools of life that she gave me. I know that is all she would want from me.

Thank you dearest Mrs Smith from the bottom of my heart