Jean-François Gisimba

I am crying.
I mourn a loved one –

Receive my condolences James and Stephen, Eduard Smith.

I have rarely read such a painful message. I had found in your mother, James and Stephen, a Mum I lost at a young age…..

Just two months ago I was in the UK. I contacted James to ask if I could drop by to say hello to his Mum. I received as an answer that Marina invite me for lunch.
I had a great time with Marina and Eduard Smith. I could not imagine that I was meeting Marina for the last time.
I promised her to come back in September with my wife and children –
She is gone to meet her Maker and be rewarded by the Almighty for her good work –

Marina sent me messages at Christmas and sometimes at Easter. She always remembered my projects and asked about my children. I will miss her terribly.

To James and Stephen, know that we share your pain. Thank you for sharing your Mum with all of us.