Debbie Barker

Dearest Mother,

I first remember coming to see you when I was 7 years old. I felt completely enveloped in love. You were the first person to understand me and you knew instinctively what was wrong even though I found it difficult to explain.

And your warm hugs were like being nestled under a mother hen’s wings and I knew all was well. On that day my life changed.

Since then you have been a dearest mother to me and to my family and have always been there, guiding, teaching, forgiving, making things right again and pouring out love every day. Only you and I know how much you have done for me.

I will miss you so so much, and I don’t know how life can go on without you. But everywhere there are reminders of your love and I know you will still be watching over us all from your Heavenly home and I hope I can make you proud as I try to put into practice all you taught me.

I would like you to stay with us forever but I know the Heavenly Father and all of Heaven will be so excited to see you and what a REWARD will be waiting. You will also be able to meet again with the countless people you have helped to get there including my mum. What rejoicing there will be.

Thank you for tending the Heavenly Father’s Garden here on earth – the Garden of Love!

The world will not be the same without you.

And I can’t wait to see you again.

I love you so much