Hannah Brown

Dearest Mother,

How can I put in words what you mean to me and how much you will be missed. You are loved to Heaven and back. You have been a constant throughout my whole life. You have always been there. Life will never be the same now you have gone. Thank you for all you have done for me and my family, which will only be known in Heaven.

Thank you for being you and giving of yourself to others. Thank you for caring about the details, because as you have often said, “caring about the little details makes the biggest difference”. Doing this, you showed your love to so many. You had this down to a fine art. The letter and card with a word that meant so much. I have kept every single card and letter you have sent me throughout my 48 years of life with you; quite a boxful, as you can imagine.¬†They will be treasured always.
Thank you for caring enough to have those difficult conversations with people. To advise and counsel.
The biggest thanks is for giving us Stephen and James, and thanks to Stephen and James for sharing their precious Mother. You are truly an amazing family.

It’s been a privilege and an honour to have been part of the care team in your later life.

I have witnessed how you have always been in the will of God. Even now with your parting.
You know where you are going. No one is as well prepared as you. Your Father has called you home. How wonderful is that! What a welcome is waiting for you.
How can we deny you your heavenly home and try and keep you in this broken world? You have completed what was asked of you and made seismic different to the world which will go on. Your legacy is incomprehensible and far reaching.

I know there will be so many tears and hearts breaking as we try to come to terms with you no longer being with us. But you have given us endless teaching and training. We now have to put it in practice and trust our Heavenly Father as you did.

I love you as my mother. I hope to see you again one day as I’m sure you will be there welcoming each one of us home too.
Forever your spiritual daughter, Hannah