Garry Clarkson

What a shock I experienced today on reading the email from Stephen and James.

Mrs Marina Smith, you are and were a truly sincere and inspirational lady. The Smith family, with Marina and Eddie at its very heart, have given us such an immense legacy of care, compassion and remembrance for the Holocaust and the Rwandan genocide.

I remember with fondness the first time I ever set foot inside Beth Shalom; at the first-ever Sixth Form conference organised at The Centre. Mrs Smith stood smiling in the hallway welcoming us with such kindness into the newly established facility. Each and every time I took school groups, nothing was too much trouble. Marina, Stephen and James were always on hand with academic and pedagogic advice, whilst showing so much empathy and expertise in and for our most important subject.

Then, when in 2009, when I was asked to work at The Centre, I was so honoured to be able to spend time with Mrs Smith and Eddie, learning from her the importance of our amazing Holocaust Survivors, for whom she cared so very much, in a practical and spiritual sense. Those few years at Beth Shalom have helped shape me and my work.

Mrs Marina Smith, you will stay within my heart and mind forever. May your memory fly high for many years ahead for you have given so much to us all.