Glen & Janet Ford

Bethany March 2017

We are forever grateful to the very depths of our beings for the love, support, advice and care Marina provided to us and our family, from that first meeting – Bonfire night, 1987!

A date we remember each year when Janet sends roses to Bethany, reminding us of your message to love.

I was then a young man, only just 20 years of age, much to learn and much to lose. Janet was in her twenties with two young children, Gina and Dinah. We had just married.

It was our incredible good fortune to have met you then, Marina, and later have the privilege to know your sons, Stephen and James, Eddie and your wider family.

Our family have been blessed in so many ways through your consistent and persistent love. That knowledge is an ever-present reality that will last and last, echoing through the generations.

Ted, our youngest grandson, is a living testament.

For it was in the early summer of 1992 when you visited us in the New Forest, where we lived at that time. Accompanied by Stephen, James and Eddie, we shared a delightful time together by the nearby bluebell wood.

At the end of that day, you shared that you thought it would be wonderful if Janet and I were to have another child, alongside Gina, Dinah and young Emily.

Not many people would dare to offer such advice! But we knew this was only born of your love and sincerity. Abi, our fourth daughter, is now the proud mother of Ted, who will celebrate his fourth birthday this August. Our family was complete with Abi and even more so with Ted!

Gina, Dinah and Emily had the privilege of meeting and knowing you when they were young. You recently prayed that Emily, now in early 30s, would find a life partner. Low and behold we met Derek a few weeks ago, together with his two children! We have never seen Emily look so happy and fulfilled. It is a wonderful sight for any parent.

Our eldest daughters, Gina and Dinah, are living full and happy lives with their husbands and children. When we see them all together, Janet and I quietly think of you Marina and all that your love has enabled.

Thank you, Marina, from the very bottom of our hearts.

Thank you Stephen and James for sharing your mum with Janet and me, not to mention the countless of other people besides. We know she loved and admired you both so very much, that your lives and work was and is an exact embodiment of what she would have wanted. She always spoke so highly of you both, for very good reason.

May your family be forever blessed and may your work and her life’s work spread wide and far.

We are forever grateful.
Glen and Janet (Ford)