David Vincent

What a sad day for all of those of us who knew and loved Marina and the humanitarian work to which she dedicated her life.

The last time I saw Marina was on 10 October last year at the reunion of friends and family of Beth Shalom. As the attached photo of Marina and Frances Segelman shows, Marina had not lost her love of life and commitment to the important work in she was so deeply involved. I spent a few minutes chatting with her on that day which I shall always remember and treasure.

My Mum, Holocaust survivor Victoria Ancona Vincent, and Dad first met Marina and Eddie in 1995 and I met Marina and Eddie shortly afterwards at Beth Shalom. Ever welcoming, ever-loving, her big heart and thoughtfulness struck us all. She was the ideal matriarch to head up the Beth Shalom project and be the essence of the values Beth Shalom epitomises. I shall miss her.

I am also thinking of Eddie. His unwavering support and encouragement behind the scenes, always in attendance at Beth Shalom events, must have been a huge value to Marina and the whole Smith family. It must be very hard for him, after 58 years of a loving and fulfilling marriage to say goodbye and start a new phase of his life. When you think the time is right, please pass on my love and thoughts to him at this sad time.

With love from us all,