Geraldine, Shirlee and Mikki

Marina was without doubt the epitome of humanity and compassion. Our family were recipients of her love and innate kindness. Our parents, Joe and Laura Carver, appreciated Marina’s healing words and uplifting advice. They held her in great esteem and we, their three daughters felt the same.

Marina generated joy and warmheartedness and seemed instinctively to know the right thing to say and the right thing to do.

She was always supportive of others. When our dad passed away, Marina was so kind to our mum  and made calls to check up on her and wrote her beautiful letters, and when we lost mum, she showed concern for us even though she was poorly herself.

We will never forget Marina and Eddie’s hospitality when the family visited ‘Bethany’. It was a great privilege to be part of her wider family and we send sincere condolences to all The Smith Family on their great loss.