Alain Bertrand Lazaret

I lack words to convey the magnitude of the pain I am feeling when I heard about Mama Marina’s passing away. She just left a big void….as if I knew her since I was born; but the legacy of faith, commitment and love for the Lord she gave me is far greater than the void of her departure from this world.

The wise and powerful pieces of advice and words of consolation Mama Marina always give to me and my family when she sends me emails have sparked a flame in my heart that will never, never, never be put out. What a great and wonderful lady she was !!!!

I lost two mothers this year Jane, my African biological mother and Mama Marina, my British mother.

The Central African Republic has lost one of her greatest intercessor. My family also has lost one of her greatest intercessor and encourager. Mama Marina, though far in the UK, was always there for me and my family in times of war and insecurity. She was a beacon of light shining in our dark world of war and daily violence; she was the sweet balm, soothing the aching heart of CAR with her prayers.

Mama, you have fought the good fight, kept the faith, you have positively impacted the world, you have given out every piece of love you had to help the world be a better place, even to people you never met, knew or saw.

Now that your time has come, you’ve returned to our Master and Lord whom you’ve served so faithfully here on earth. Till we all meet again when our Lord returns for all of us who believe in Him and are waiting for His appearance, may you rest in peace, on the laps of our Heavenly Father.
My deepest condolences James and Stephen Smith.