Tommy Krulis

My heart is broken with the saddest news of the passing of your darling mother Marina
I am blessed to have known her over the last 6 years and especially blessed to have been able to say goodbye to her last week when as always she made me feel so special and as always all she wanted to do was to spoil my family with an incredible number of gifts always thinking of others before herself
I will miss the beautiful afternoon teas I shared with her and Eddie , she forever thanking me for the little I have done to help you , White Rose and the Aegis Trust and me forever thanking her for coming into my life so I could live my life with more purpose and meaning
The world has lost such a special person who cannot be replaced
I have the most beautiful memories of this magnificent human being
I will always treasure the beautiful and thoughtful emails that she would write with the gift of greatness as only a gifted writer could be

Marina will always inspire me to live a better life with more meaning and more purpose
My tears flow uncontrollably
With love and pride and incredible gratitude to have been able to meet one of the finest human beings to have lived and loved on this planet
An inspiration to all
Forever in my heart
Tommy and Lorelle Krulis