Tom Prinold

Our Mother has left us. We cannot believe it. She who was always there is now in eternity. If ever there was a one ready it was she. Not only was she ready she was ALWAYS ready.

She lived her life to the full here on earth, yet she always had her eyes on eternity. That is the goal – that was her goal! That’s the real thing. HERE is the preparation for THERE, a journey to heaven. She encouraged others to make ready too and to be always ready in our lives and our daily walk with that in mind.

She had a special work to do here on earth and she has done it. She has fought the fight. She has won the race and finished the course. She was tenacious in doing it. She was never a procrastinator. She didn’t put things off until tomorrow that ought to be done today. “Today and now” was her watchword.

Her life was full. She was a builder, a restorer, a channel of life and love. She was a comforter, an encourager and a guide. She was a leader, an instructor, a general, a warrior, an intercessor and a weapon against evil and wrong.
She enjoyed life, yet she would lay it down for others. Her life was full and her work was huge and extensive, far-reaching and overflowing in love, kindness and understanding, using every opportunity given her to guide and encourage in love and in truth.

She wasn’t ‘one in a million’, she was unique, special. She cannot be replaced, there was only one of her. She was the special edition! She was given to us by God. That is why we need to listen to her and take heed to all she has said.
Has she left a hole? Is there now a gap, a void now that she is not here? No, no, no! She has slipped away, yet what she has sown will go on to a harvest of abundance. Like a stone thrown into a pool, its ripples go outwards on and on and those ripples will continue. What she has put in place will continue to grow and spread. That is the quality of a true leader. Their work doesn’t fall apart when they leave, that proves that what she has done is eternal.

She is a blazing torch and she has lit a fire, a blaze that will continue to spread and no one can put it out.