Susan Hadden

It is with great sadness that I read the email yesterday informing me that dear Marina had passed away. Marina was a very special person, with a very special soul. From the first moment when she hugged me over 20 years ago coming off the coach, when I first visited the Holocaust Centre, I knew she was a unique incredible person. Kindness poured out of her, she had such empathy and understanding for humanity and for those that suffered such horrific times in their lives. I last saw her pre covid when I visited her and dear Eddie at the cottage. She insisted we had afternoon tea, and we just talked about life, the family, whom she was so proud of, and it was a beautiful afternoon. I feel very blessed and humbled to have had the privilege of knowing such a wonderful woman, I used to look forward to her lengthy emails updating on what was happening, so informative and kept me connected. I wish dear Eddie, Stephen and James long life and May you all be spared from further sorrow.