Steve Robinson

Dearest Smith Family

When I first found my faith, I looked everywhere for a place of worship whose principles and acts reflected those I recognised to be Holy, Righteous.

One day, a friend said, “I have found an amazing woman – you have to meet her!”

When I met this wonderful Mother, I knew I had found the Truth. Her words and actions worked together – so full of love, so full of strength and vitality, so full of living faith. She was a plumbline – straight and true – I knew I had found the treasure.

She trusted me. There was complete acceptance. I felt loved unconditionally. And not just me… Mrs Smith was always helping people – she seemed to use everything she had for others – she shared her time, her own home, her own family – nothing was held back.

Her letters, emails, cards, booklets – sharing the lessons of her very special faith with me and my family helped me grow in my faith. And not just me …. Everyone else had the same supported love, the same detailed love and attention.

At the time, I had not realised that this consistent, genuine interest in people, in individuals, extended throughout the world. I was privileged to catch a glimpse of her love reaching out to hundreds of people.

During her life I was inspired, supported, encouraged and benefitted from her outstanding leadership. She encouraged me, challenged me to look beyond myself, to help and support others and not to live for this world alone.

Now, my hope and prayer is to live up to her expectations, to be one of the many Living Letters she wrote to the world.

Thank you for sharing your Mother, your Safta with me and the rest of the world.