Sarah Jeffcoat

How do you thank someone who has given you so much? Who has gently, firmly, moulded you into the person you are? Who has shown you right from wrong and given you the values you try (and all too frequently) fall too short of? Words don’t seem enough.

It has been an honour to know you Mrs Smith. You touched so many lives, and your love shone out in everything you did.  I don’t think it has even properly sunk in yet.  I hold the memories I have with you close to my heart. Through my earlier years, reading time at School, your voice ringing out “”TOM!”…  No answer. “TOM!”…  No answer…  “What’s gone with that boy, I wonder? You TOM!”….No answer.’” You brought the characters to life. You gave me such a love of literature, nature, and the beautiful world which He has given to us.  What a childhood, the eagerness with which I looked forward to the walks ‘up the hill’, greeting the spring blossoms and green shoots of new life with you.  I treasure each birthday card and letter you sent, and your emails.

Thank you, Stephen and James, and to all of your beautiful family, for sharing this amazing lady with so many.

With all my love, and gratitude always.