Susanna Russell

Today on Mothers Day, I am joining with friends globally to especially remember Mrs Smith, whom to so many of us and to me, was a considered our Mother.  I continue to endeavour to live my life according to the guidance, faith, encouragement, standards and care you set for us and the unwavering, unquestioning love[…]

Janet and Glen Ford

It was such a delight to share tea together using the tea set that Marina so generously gave to us and reminds us so much of being at Bethany. Our hearts are filled with gratitude for such love and faithfulness – may we always live true to these words and the example she set. May[…]

Nina Newell

My dear Mrs Smith, Thank you for everything. Words cannot express it – your generosity, your love and care, your deep understanding. You welcomed me into your home, treating me like your own child. You brought me to my faith and through that taught and equipped me for life. And what an example you set[…]

Michael Newman

Like many others no doubt, I have fond memories of sitting in the cottage next to the National Holocaust Centre, that was home to Marina and Eddie, and enjoying such warm and generous hospitality. There was a strong sense of being at home, it just felt familiar; just as you would be having a cup[…]

Marion Newell

Marina. Mother, Teacher, Friend. Big sparkly blue eyes so expressive, laughter spontaneous & joyful, kindness so overwhelming. A heart Steadfast & True. Genuine with a deep personal integrity. Compassionate & practical in her caring, Counting the Cost but doing it anyway. Lavish in giving. She was Faithful & she was Full of Faith, & around[…]

Ian Shaw

I first met Marina in 2006. Between 2006 and around 2018, I was treated to a number of wonderful lunches/teas at Marina and Eddie’s house accompanied by long conversations. Nothing was ever too much trouble, Tara and I loved receiving cards and e-cards celebrating festivals every year as well as the family updates. In February[…]

Daniela Pears

Marina had the most magical way of making you feel like you were enormously loved, appreciated and truly one of her dearest friends. From the moment you stepped over the threshold of ‘Bethany Cottage ‘ you felt like you’d arrived home! I’ll never forget arranging a trip up to visit Marina that happened to be[…]

Geraldine, Shirlee and Mikki

Marina was without doubt the epitome of humanity and compassion. Our family were recipients of her love and innate kindness. Our parents, Joe and Laura Carver, appreciated Marina’s healing words and uplifting advice. They held her in great esteem and we, their three daughters felt the same. Marina generated joy and warmheartedness and seemed instinctively[…]

Lee Liberman AM

On behalf of USC Shoah Foundation’s Board of Councilors, I’m writing to express our deepest sympathy on the loss of your dear mother, Marina Smith. Marina was an educator, a storyteller and an archivist of memory. She devoted her life to building understanding and empathy between different communities of people. The stories and memories that[…]

Richard Newell

Yom Ha Shoah (around 2012) In the run up to the event, Mrs Smith had written and issued the invitations (despite being ‘retired’ for roughly 7 years already) and acted as the coordinator with the Holocaust Centre for the Survivors and their families. Every invitation email/letter she had sent, to over 100 people and their[…]

Nathanael Boarer

Writing a concise tribute, having had the privilege to know Mrs Smith all my life, was always going to be a tall order. I’ve written, deleted, and edited many times; however, had it not been for Mrs Smith, I wouldn’t be writing this tribute. When I entered Woodlands school (Mrs Smiths school), my English was[…]