Hannah Brown

I can’t believe it has been a year since our beloved Mother left us. She has gone but is forever cherished in our hearts. Her teaching keeps us steady, her faith strengthens us, her love holds us close,

till we meet again……

The following was written on Marina Smith’s passing in July 2022

It’s strange that when someone passes away suddenly you have many things you wished you could say to them.

It’s like you have a bird’s eye view on their life that you don’t seem to have when they are alive and you start analysing.

Mrs Smith is the only person who would do what she did.  She worked so hard and invested so much time in people with no guarantee of a return.

I had the wonderful privilege of being part of the care team for the last 20 months of her life.

Her age and her poor health never really restricted her and she just continued with that dogged determination to do what she felt she needed to do.  She never really lived like a 87 year old, not that I know what an 87 year old should live like. However her life continued to be lived for others rather than herself and the little details of people’s needs were upmost in her mind.

She would get up and she would dress like she was going to a wedding each day – every little detail of her outfit down to her jewellery was given a lot of thought in preparation for visitors.  She always felt what she wore should be honouring to her guests.

It wasn’t just about what she did when the visitor was present, it was also in the many little details behind the scenes.

She appreciated every gift she received and remembered all that was given to her through the years and from whom.  I have no idea how she could do that, but she treasured everything that was given most of all the act of love and gratitude in which it was given.

Mrs Smith embodied LOVE……

Love is getting up in the morning when you are tired and unwell, to get ready for a visitor, Love is committed for the distance for a struggling soul, love is having that difficult conversation to make sure someone has the care they need, love is writing an email or letter in a timely manner, love is remembering a birthday, love is making the effort and caring enough about someone, and putting them before yourself.

Love is being consistent and faithful in your relationships.

Love is getting a card or flowers to someone who is unwell immediately when you know that person needs that help.

Love is appreciating and making the most of what is provided for you. Love is making time for someone when you have no time.

Love is sharing your sons with the world and loving the world enough to share them.

She was a beautiful person, with a beautiful soul.  I count myself honoured to have walked with one of the greats of our time.

She wasn’t too good to be true, she was real and utterly unique!