Michael Bibring

I was so sad to hear the news of Marina’s passing . She was a wonderful person and indeed the whole family are an extraordinary example of the very best of humanity. I never lose sight of the irony that such wonderful people have dedicated so much of their lives to educating people so as to hopefully prevent the very worst of society prevailing.
From the very early days of Beth Shalom to it’s current world class status as the National Holocaust Museum Marina, her family and all at the centre have displayed a level of kindness love and understanding that most of us mere mortals can only dream about.
Marina’s legacy will live on for ever and as the son of a survivor who knew her so well I am truly privileged to be able to say that our paths crossed; I am unquestionably a better person as a result of that
May Marina’s memory be a blessing for you all and we wish all the family a long and peaceful life and our heartfelt sympathies are with you at this difficult time
All the best
The bibring family