Lynda McKeown

Dearest Mother

Words cannot express how precious you have been to me over the years. I will always be grateful for the day you came into my life back in 1984. I visited you in your converted farmhouse and received much help from that day onwards as you listened, counselled, prayed for me, loved me, cared for me and taught me, setting my feet on a rock.

You have been a true lifeline to me in countless ways and your sacrificial love has not only touched myself and my family but many many others across the globe. You have been there through the ups and downs of life, the joys, sorrows, the heartaches, the celebrations. Through singleness, marriage, births, parenting, sickness and death. Your prayers and guidance have been a source of strength and are deeply treasured. Your many letters and cards are still re-read today and bring much comfort and joy.
Working with you at Woodlands school was an immense privilege and a time of much learning for myself too. You are the most outstanding teacher!

It has been such a privilege to know you. I am going to miss you hugely! ..but your work here is now complete. You have left an amazing legacy. Thank you so much for who you are and everything you have been! I love you.