Lucinda O’Rourke

I remember so well when you and your family arrived at Cliff ~College to speak, 1978 I recall. Steven was about 14 yrs old and led worship. I was a student there then. Your family were clearly anointed and I felt that even then. My parents Liz and Bob Grainger came to Bethshalom many times, at that time as part of a small house fellowship where they learned so many Biblical spiritual truths from Marina.

Marina invited me to come to Beth Shalom on a number of occasions, we always had tea, lovely cake or cookies and chatted.. and I loved her and I felt her love for me. Genuine deep care and concerns for me and my spiritual walk. Her discernment in so many things was a Godly gift but such a sense of fun and often laughing about so many things. Her beauty was radiant.

When you came away the aroma of Christ went with you.

There are few people in life you spend time with and come away feeling you have been in the presence of a Holy person, as she radiated Christ and love for all.
I am so sorry for your loss dear BR Eddy and Steven and James and all the family. She was more precious than gold and will be so missed by so many. Now home in that beautiful place that has been prepared for this precious Pilgrim with her Saviour in whom she trusted … Cindy Rich