Joy Bower

Like so many have said, it is hard to comprehend that you are no longer here.  You have been a guiding force in my life for the last 43 years, through all the major events of life, engagement, marriage, children, job, grandchildren etc and loved me like a mother. Underlying all this was the extraordinary way you built in tools for life which I so needed, how you demonstrated unconditional love, respect for all people, and living in the world with purpose underpinned by the power of prayer. You were one of those rare people who made you feel you were the one person you wanted to talk to at that moment, even though your schedule was so packed.  Thank you for always taking the time to tell me things as they were, and then for forgiving and enabling a way forward with such great understanding and love.  You built a rock on which to stand.

Seeing the photos of your beautiful home at Bethany, brings back so many memories of the cherishing one felt when in your presence.  All your lovely things, displayed so carefully, reflected you, and brought one into a depth of life which could sometimes take your breath away with its colour, generosity and sense of eternity. If walls could talk, how many beautiful, moving, sad, celebratory and magnificent stories could they speak of, as your life touched so many countless numbers. I used to love going to see you and just enjoy being in the ambience you created. It was Home with you.  Thank you for your incredible faith and your inspiration to follow wholly, and for your constant encouragement. My words are inadequate because you know what sort of life you saved me from, and what you built. Your faithful love through 4 generations of my family has been so rich, enabling undeserved blessing, and I pray that we will carry on living in the way you have taught us, whatever lies ahead, having your legacy hidden deep in our hearts.

I will be forever grateful for the richness of the values and faith you shared with me. I miss your presence, but thank you for your shining inspiration, love and understanding of people which will live on like the ripples of a stone thrown into a pond flowing out and out. I pray this is so in this broken world we occupy. How we need your example at this time, brought here for this time in history. You showed how to live in a practical and real way, building a Garden of Love around you here on earth. Now you are in the eternal Garden of Love with your Eternal Reward shining down upon you..
With all my love and gratitude. Joy