Grace Walker

To Dearest Mother,

I lost my teddy bear at the supermarket – I must have been 2 or 3 – a honey coloured teddy with a blue dress and a bow. I was so sad. Somehow you found out and for my birthday, a new beautiful beige teddy bear, identical but with a brown dress and the same bow, arrived from ‘Thutha’ (Mum and Dad called you Mother –so I said Thutha at 2 years). You made me so happy.

Thank you for holding my hand, a hand that held so many hands – a warm hand hold of gentleness and sureness. I needed you and you never let me go – that’s what mattered most. You said ‘trust and obey is the only way’, to ‘just keep doing, keep going’. And yes Mother, the corrections – how so very lucky was I. You saw through me. You would say it as it was. Then you’d build me up again.

You left me the greatest gift. I’m overloaded. My commitment to you is I will share it as directed – and so I also want to say, thank you so much for James as a boss and the most beautiful purpose – I have no life without purpose. It’s home.

I hope you see from Heaven, amongst all the darkness, that there’s a garden that’s ever growing, of beautiful blooming flowers, even in the most arid of places.

With all my Love and Deepest Respect, I Love You