Social Impact Tax Relief Scheme

To the end of March 2023, British taxpayers can invest in a social impact fund that upholds Marina’s values through the Social Impact Tax Relief scheme (SITR) which provides the investor 30% tax relief.  

There will be an additional 3% return for three years from the social impact fund (managed by White Rose CIO).

Example: For £10,000 investment HMRC will provide £3000 income tax relief.  The social impact fund will provide 3% annually to the investor for 3 years, after which the initial capital investment of £10,000 is returned.  This provides an equivalent return of 39% or 13% p.a.

Minimum investment: £1000

What social impact will the investments have?

Investments will be made in environmental and peacebuilding enterprises.  After return to investors, profits will support the Marina H. Smith Foundation to disburse as grants.

Example investment:  “Good Human – Life Changing Coffee” (pictured above), a Rwandan Specialty coffee.  By improving the quality of the coffee, farmers get a higher price and larger yield, lifting them out of subsistence farming.  These are communities recovering from genocide in which families of survivors and perpetrators are building reconciliation.  

If you are interested to help Marina H. Smith Foundation raise £1m investment through this SITR scheme please fill out the form below.