Marina is survived by her husband Eddie, her sons Stephen and James, and her seven grandchildren (Natalia, Stephanie, Aaron, Ariella, Seth, Sebastian and Juru Joseph). Executive Chairman of StoryFile, the World’s first AI conversational video platform, Stephen is also Director Emeritus of the USC Shoah Foundation and holds the UNESCO Chair on Genocide Education. James is Life President of the UK National Holocaust Centre and CEO of the Aegis Trust for genocide prevention.


Marina and Eddie have 7 beloved Grandchildren.

Natalia Marina Smith

Natalia is Stephen and Yasmin’s daughter. Natalia shares Marina’s love for Events and Birthdays and would host afternoon tea parties as well as make sure the family was together for holidays. Natalia recently graduated with her B.A. in International Relations and M.P.P in Public Policy from the University of Southern California and is now working a tech-start up called StoryFile in Los Angeles.

Stephanie is Stephen and Yasmin’s daughter. She shares Marina’s love for food and could be found cooking in her kitchen. She would also regularly engage in a competitive game of “Articulate” with Marina and Eddie. Stephanie is about to Graduate from the University of Lancaster with her Masters in Mechatronic’s Engineering.

Aaron is Stephen and Yasmin’s son. He shares Marina’s love of wildlife and would often sit in their garden documenting species of birds when he was younger. Aaron has just graduated with his B.A. in Environmental Studies and is perusing his Masters in Environmental Studies at the University of Southern California. 

Ariella is James and Beatha’s daughter. Ariella shares Marina’s love of Music and they would often sing and play the piano together. Ariella is about to begin her final year of A-Levels at Nottingham High School and plans to study Classics at University next year.

Louise’s son, Seth came into Marina’s life when James and Louise met in 2011. Seth was 5 years old at the time, a year younger than his now step-sister Ariella. A keen sportsman, Seth also shares Marina’s love of dance, working on grade 7 at the Royal Academy of Dance. He is currently at Dulwich College taking his GCSE exams.

Sebastian is James and Louise’s son. He shares Marina’s love of animals and had an array of pets at her house. Earlier this month Marina gave Sebastian a pond for his back garden which he helped dig in and has already populated it with tadpoles. Sebastian is about to begin Year 4 at Dulwich Prep London.

JJ is Beatha’s son and Marina was thrilled that Ariella would have another younger brother. JJ loves to swim and will begin Reception this September.